Alipay Checkout

This checkout process applies to people in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong who can’t pay using our default payment methods. This checkout supports UnionPay card & Alipay.Alipay

How to place your order:

  1. Go to and choose the watch(es), type, color, and band you want. Copy the URL from the browser.
    How to copy HMNWatch URL
  2. Click the button below, and you will be redirected to the checkout page. Choose your preferred button based on how you want to make the purchase.
    This button is for main watches. (Priced $94 USD)

    Buy Watch

    This button is for main watch + colored leather band (Priced $94 USD + $15 USD Colored leather band). 

    Buy Watch + Leather Band 

  3. Paste the copied URL into the "Watch URL" field.
    Watch URL guide
  4. Fill in your billing and shipping address (Must in Chinese Language), phone number, choose your payment method, and click 'Pay'.

After we receive your payment, we will create the order manually for you. You will receive an order confirmation via the email address provided, and it will be fulfilled normally.

If you encounter any difficulties or issues, just reach out to us at